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el nou opi del poble que fa rics els mateixos 

Pátria que me pariu by cashland on Flickr.




The cause of racism is often fear of the unknown - lack of knowledge about other cultures. Travel, explore and learn - open your mind.

I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, reblog this every time it comes up on my blog. This is the BEST statement, I’ve ever seen. 

I really love this. So many are dead-set on the view that people cannot better themselves but that simply isn’t true. Everybody deserves a second chance and everybody has the ability to better themselves. 

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com cavaran alguns banquers 
per la tercera República Espanyola 

Number 1 … the USA continues to be the worlds biggest arms dealer, outstripping all other merchants of death by vast margins .. (ref)
el doctor de la revolució 
Organitza’t i lluita 
el president màrtir